TFIN NETWORK is a global distribution service platform
Opening a new era in the distribution market.


TFIN NETWORK Project creates
a global integrated distribution ecosystem.


With TFIN NETWORK's own application, all users can conveniently
access not only shopping, but also payment, remittance, and living services.


which serves as the main currency of the TFIN NETWORK platform,
supports a compensation system that uses TFIN NETWORK
to providers and users who use global distribution services.
A separate smart contract is applied to each unit,
and the whole information is summed up and eventually leads to a reward.


A truly shared economy
that rationally distributes profits to consumers,
sellers and manufacturers alike

Through global distribution partnerships,
years of cross-border e-commerce experience, and Hong Kong's own logistics system,
TFIN Project was able to build an integrated and manageable system
until the moment it was produced and delivered to customers.

Based on this, the TFIN Project creates a truly shared ecosystem
that dramatically reduces unnecessary costs incurred by manufacturers,
distributors, sellers, and consumers, and distributes profits reasonably.


coin coin
  • Coin name :TFIN NETWORK
  • Symbol :TFIN
  • Protocol :ERC20
  • Total supply :300,000,000
  • Token Sale : 10%
  • Team : 10%
  • Global Distridution : 10%
  • Platform incentive payments: 20%
  • Platform Services: 50%



  • 4Q

    Completed planning of TIFIN NETWORK project and production of homepage white paper


  • 1Q

    Establishment of Global Business Department (Singapore)

  • 2Q

    TIFIN NETWORK Crypto Wallet Launch (PC Version)

  • 3Q

    TIFIN NETWORK Crypto APP Wallet Launch (Android version) Listed on the Global Exchange

  • 4Q

    Development of Beta version linked to TIFIN NETWORK service is underway


  • 1Q

    Project Team Global Branch is scheduled to be established (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia) Additional listing on the global exchange is underway

  • 2Q

    TFIN's own shopping mall development progresses

  • 3Q

    Project team will expand its global branch office (India, Taiwan, Brazil)

  • 3Q

    TIFIN NETWORK Open overseas payment (Thailand/Hong Kong and 17 countries) Expanding B2C business and entering the live commerce market